First Nations Outline Their Position

Posted on Monday, April 16, 2018 09:16 AM

The four First Nations involved in the dispute with the town of Fort Frances over Point Park are outlining their position.

A post to a website called the Agency One Information Portal states they want the town to recognize their ownership of the lands.

They also state a willingness to work together to manage the park and share in the operating costs.

In exchange, they want the town to stop legal action against them, as well as agree to the Seven Oaks area being included as part of the new reserves they working on.

The post comes following the release of a pamphlet send out by the town of Fort Frances to homeowners last week.

It states the town's proposals to resolve the on-going dispute have all been rejected, but no specifics about those proposals are given.

On the Agency One Lands Information Portal, the First Nations indicate their proposal is a "generous one, and the best path towards reconciliation."