Changes Coming to Maternity And Sick Leave Benefits

Posted on Monday, November 13, 2017 09:56 AM

Changes are coming to maternity and sick leave benefits in Canada because of new legislation from the Trudeau government.  

Social Development Minister Jean Yves Duclos explains that new mothers will now have the option of taking 18 months paid leave, an increase from the current 12 months, but there's a twist.

The employment insurance benefits will not increase.

They are simply being spread over a year and a half instead of 12 months. 

As well, if you need to take care of a very sick family member, you'll soon be able leave work and collect employment insurance benefits.

Duclos says the government will allow caregivers 15 weeks paid leave to take care of a sick adult. 

If the critically ill family member is a child under 18, the caregiver benefit extends to 35 weeks. 

All the changes take effect on December 3.